Winter Delivery: Monday - Saturday
Now delivering all areas but some delivery restrictions exist


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What is the weight of each load in a bin?
This can vary depending on the size of firewood & how dense the firewood is; though it would range between 100 & 110 kgs per bin (this is not an accurate measure & as we are members of the FAA respectfully do not sell firewood by weight)

Make sure your order date is the day before you wish to received delivery
If you want to make changes other that to the date, we suggest cancelling that subscription and creating a new order.

When will I receive my order?
You will get an email when your wood is being loaded onto the truck for delivery.  Check our delivery schedule for more information

Why is my firewood wet on the outside?

On heavy rain days there may be some surface water on the firewood; unfortunately this is difficult to avoid as it is also important the wood is exposed to the elements of wind & sun to ensure it has been seasoned dry & ready to burn. We do our best to avoid it being saturated & after the surface moisture has evaporated the wood will be dry & ready to burn. 

 Do you deliver to my area?
Check our delivery page for more information

For any other enquiries, simply complete this form & we'll get back to you wheelie quickly.